Book and travel with confidence with Dragoman

We have always been trusted for our ground-breaking tours, and our passion for overlanding and exploration remains undiminished in these uncertain times. As the world starts to reopen, the prospect of travel is now tantalisingly close and we have been working flat out to ensure that you can book your next adventure with complete confidence. We have adapted our booking terms to give you greater flexibility and financial protection. We have even identified travel insurers that will give you the very best COVID cover and complete peace of mind.

Many countries are now ready to welcome you back and there is really no better time to book, safe and secure in the knowledge that we are here to advise and support you every step of the way!

This comprehensive set of measures is planned to give our customers confidence in booking and travelling on trips in late 2020 and beyond. The key to these measures is flexibility, safety and financial security. We are now offering:

  • New Covid-19 and Pandemic insurance
  • Flexible transfers
  • Flexible balances
  • Later balance due dates
  • No cancellation charges if you transfer to another trip
  • Honouring 2020 prices, including all discounts
  • Cast iron bonding through ABTOT

Financial Security
We are fully bonded through our ABTOT bond, so that client’s monies are fully protected in event of our insolvency.

Covid-19 and Pandemic Insurance
We work with Campbell Irvine in the UK who has put together a new Travel Insurance Policy which covers travel and medical issues relating to Covid-19 or other pandemics, including cancellation and curtailment cover. Full details on this insurance will be available for anyone thinking of travelling from early July onwards. Travellers travelling with Dragoman, must have proof of an insurance policy covering Covid, including medical, repatriation, quarantine, cancellation and curtailment cover.

Flexible Transfers
Travellers can transfer an existing booking without charge up to 28 days before departure. Exceptions will be any trips requiring permits (56 days for W Walk or Inca Trail and for Gorilla trips etc). This is limited to transfers to trips in 2020 and 2021.

Later Balance Due Dates
Travellers do not need to pay their balance until 28 days before departure. Exceptions will be any trips requiring permits (56 days for W Walk or Inca Trail and for gorilla etc). This is limited to trips in 2020 and 2021.

Flexible Deposits
If travellers cancel their trip before Balance Due Date, the deposit can be transferred to another available trip of their choice. This does not apply immediately to trips with permits, W Walk, Inca Trail or Gorilla trips, but these will be reviewed on a case by case basis to see whether we are able to transfer the permits to later dates. This is limited to transfers to trips in 2020 and 2021.

Cancellation Charges
If a trip is cancelled by the client on or before the Balance Due Date, then there is loss of the deposit unless another trip is booked immediately under our Flexible Deposit Scheme. From the balance due date onwards, cancellation charges will be 100%. Again, this is limited to 2020 and 2021 departures.

Honouring 2020 Prices, including all discounts
For those who would like to transfer their trip to a 2021 departure, we will honour the 2020 price including any discount that they may have received.